Are you French Living?

  I admit to struggling with the French life in my twenties, possibly in my thirties as well.  I was married to a Frenchman, running a business called French Living, but my English mannerisms reigned, particularly around food. I loved the meals, adapting really well to crudités, salades composées, Poulet Basquaise and camembert, but I […]

Catering and Hospitality

I’ve been invited to a careers workshop day at my old school, and I’ve been allocated the slot of Catering and Hospitality!! What a responsibility! How on earth do I encourage young people to enter a world of hot, sweaty kitchens, long hours, split shifts, demanding customers….a world dominated by corporate chains, industrially mass-produced food, […]

Radish, le radis, a sign of Spring!

Mention Spring, and we confidently cite lamb, chocolate eggs, tulips and of course daffodils, in fact anything yellow becomes the symbol of re-birth, re-warmth and re-living, as we freshen up the home, shaking away the dusty rugs of Winter. This is why I remember being taken aback one Spring in Paris when my mother-in-law brought […]

The Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful force within us all, conjuring up emotions from the depths of our souls, feelings that we didn’t even realise existed. A creamy, milky fish pie with a hard-boiled egg inside whisks me back to my teens, to Mum’s weekly Friday tea! Quite strangely, I also hold fond memories of Birds instant […]

De l’eau, de l’air, la vie

De l’eau, de l’air, la vie I have a friend in Malawi, Africa who called with happy news. It had rained. He was overjoyed because there was now water in the taps once again. He had spent the last month and a half walking for an hour to the bore-hole to fetch water, with a […]

We are not an illusion!

A customer alerted us to the arrival of a French chain on to the Nottingham restaurant scene. “Well it’s not French” declares Stephane “it’s another English chain – another concept restaurant, offering the illusion of French cooking.” What is it about restaurant chains that appeals so much to the English diner? A quick glance at […]

Shop & Dine

A handful of customers have ingeniously created a new form of shopping, unwittingly maybe, but nevertheless a concept that is distinctly true to French Living form! Stephane reported that more and more customers would call him over, generally in between courses, and proceed to order cheese, not for immediate consumption, but as part of their […]