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French Living Ethos

market“A way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach” explains Louise “particularly a Frenchman’s”.

In an attempt to cure Stéphane’s homesickness and his longing for French foods, this creative couple devised a business idea that would grow from being a simple shop, to a café and later a 80-seat restaurant.

The French genuinely do live for their food. They plan their day around mealtimes and look forward to those moments around the table with family and friends. This passion for eating led to the creation of French Living in 1994 and the same passion and terrasse cafeenthusiasm for a French lifestyle continues to this day, and is at the heart of  French Living’s 20 year success.

French Living has evolved and changed over the years, but its values and principles have never wavered.


The French Living Promise

Fresh, French Food

We cook with natural, fresh ingredients, nothing industrial, processed or frozen. We even peel our own carefully selected potatoes!



We share our knowledge of French culture, language and lifestyle with all our customers. Feel free to put us to the test….


Customer Care
We serve our food promptly, personably, always with a smile, with the aim of ensuring you smile back.
We create that gorgeous warm holiday feeling; touching all your senses – French tunes, smelly cheese, aromatic Corsican flowers, lavender and rustic shutters – you can even wear your flip-flops and favourite t-shirt!

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