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Are you French Living?


I admit to struggling with the French life in my twenties, possibly in my thirties as well.  I was married to a Frenchman, running a business called French Living, but my English mannerisms reigned, particularly around food. I loved the meals, adapting really well to crudités, salades composées, Poulet Basquaise and camembert, but I resisted being instructed when to eat them.

I found French Living to be very regimented, demanding my presence at the table for breakfast, lunch (never later than 2pm) and dinner (usually around 7.30pm).

French cuisine is all about fresh, seasonal dishes - plat du jour - dish of the day - freshly made for you! Every French restaurant does it...: Paris Photograph Cafe Sign Petit Dejeuner Breakfast by ParisPlus:

I didn’t get it. My body was not hungry, I was too busy, I only wanted a snack, I didn’t want to sit down….leave me alone I screamed inwardly, like a petulant stubborn child, rebelling for the hell of it! It was a childish rebellion because, once seated, once established within the routine, my body became hungry at those times and it appreciated the time being offered to it for pleasure, digestion and relaxation. By eating in this ordered way, I was unwittingly nurturing my body, re-establishing a long, lost connection.

And now, after all these years of French Living, I discover through my yoga practice why I feel so good! Eating at noon is the best time, because this is when our digestive system secretes the highest concention of digestive juices. My “digestive fire” or Agni as it is called in Sanskrit must be burning strong. A nod of thanks to my French Living routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – regular, punctual, and delicious – a routine that regulates the body and its digestive juices. 24 hour snacking and grazing or  skipping meals altogether is the plague of our society, and will only lead to a confused digestive system, and ultimately to unwelcome health problems. So, I recommend to you all to start French Living!

Watercolour of our beautiful French restaurant: Since opening back in 1994 French Living has resisted change. We continue to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, at breakfast, lunch and dinner times only, at tables and chairs, with real plates and cutlery. It’s a formula not only designed for your pleasure, but also for your healthy well-being. Bon Appetit!


Our bodies are most able to digest food at midday, when we are active. As studies have found, our digestive system secretes the highest concentration of “digestive juices” around noon, making this the best time to eat our largest meal. In the evening, our bodies are slowing down and preparing for sleep. If we eat our biggest meal at dinner, when our digestive fire is weaker, we will feel heavy and bloated and will be more likely to have difficulty falling asleep. – See more at: http://www.chopra.com/ccl/6-ayurvedic-practices-to-improve-your-digestion#sthash.yRFSE6mj.dpuf

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