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The Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful force within us all, conjuring up emotions from the depths of our souls, feelings that we didn’t even realise existed.

A creamy, milky fish pie with a hard-boiled egg inside whisks me back to my teens, to Mum’s weekly Friday tea! Quite strangely, I also hold fond memories of Birds instant custard, Angel Delight and twiglets!!

These commercial chemical foods are intrinsically linked to happy family times, creating this narcotic effect of nostalgia, one which has a powerful, mood-altering influence.

At French Living, we observe these transformations in many of our customers. Holiday memories are frequently re-kindled with the smell of a garlicky cassoulet or the salty odour of the sea in a bowlful of mussels. However, it is not simply smell that provokes these happy feelings. Our perception of scents are also affected by the setting, which is why a waft of our pungent cheese while dining next to the cheese fridge is, for most customers, a pleasant memory-packed scent.

The same smell emanating from a bin or even from your own fridge at home is anything but pleasant!!

And so, there is French music, foreign chatter, photos of sun-soaked beaches, which we subtlety blend with those recognisable French foods, and then witness the nostalgic magic it creates.

On another level, French Living also provides a nostalgia-inducing experience for French nationals living in Nottingham. Our comforting boeuf bourguignon is for many the equivalent of my mum’s fish pie.

Our role as a restaurant, therefore, definitely goes beyond simply selling meals; it is an experience designed to alter moods, generate healthy, feel-good emotions, increased sense of continuity and social connectedness.

So why not take a leap to the un-known, step inside and lose yourself to nostalgia!

PS; I had fun losing myself to holiday memories with my new Pinterest board, please take a look – Souvenirs from France

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