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De l’eau, de l’air, la vie

De l’eau, de l’air, la vie

I have a friend in Malawi, Africa who called with happy news. It had rained. He was overjoyed because there was now water in the taps once again. He had spent the last month and a half walking for an hour to the bore-hole to fetch water, with a return trip that took even longer trying not to spill a drop. He was praying that it would rain again to keep the water flowing.Later that day, I joined the Post Office queue where talk of the weather was animated, particularly after last night’s frost.
“At least its not raining” was the final declaration.

What a strange world we live in. One of such division and contrast – one half with an abundance of everything – money, food and water – and another with very little.
Maybe we should all have a friend in Africa to remind us of the riches of rain.

I am guilty of taking for granted our constant, rich flow of fresh, clean tap water (that we also like to complain about  when the taste is not to our liking), but let’s not forget the plethora of mineral waters filling our shelves, keeping us hydrated, happy and healthy.
France is a nation that has loved its mineral water, long before we Brits began to discover its charms. Who would have thought that water could have so many different personalities?

At French Living we have chosen three contrasting classics:

Evian – soft and gentle, pure and natural, keeping you young….which is why it is associated with babies! I love the French advertising for this brand. Have you seen this one? http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/evian_baby_me 

Perrier – loud, vivacious, very sparkly and celebrating 150 years. Perrier has always used art in its advertising which is why many of its campaigns have become iconic pieces of art. Street-art is the theme for this key celebratory year. www.youtube.com/user/perrier

Perrier Tray in Deli Corner

Badoit – a sophisticated, subtle personality and associated with French gastronomy – its latest campaigns have teamed up with French chef Thierry Marx www.youtube.com/user/badoit

Perrier’s tag-line; de l’eau, de l’air, la vie – reminds us of water’s vital lifeforce  – water, air, life!! Whichever brand you choose this Christmas to keep you hydrated, give thanks, and savour each precious drop.

Joyeux Noel a Tous!

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