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Shop & Dine

A handful of customers have ingeniously created a new form of shopping, unwittingly maybe, but nevertheless a concept that is distinctly true to French Living form!

Stephane reported that more and more customers would call him over, generally in between courses, and proceed to order cheese, not for immediate consumption, but as part of their grocery shopping list.

“Can you cut me a piece of brie? About this much” they say, placing their cutlery into a triangle wedge shape to demonstrate the size.

“And a chunk of rillettes” they continue.

“About this much?” enquires Stephane, holding out his fist.

“Two fistfuls please” giggles the customer, enjoying the novel game of shopping charades.

As the customer sits back, sips his wine and relishes a plat du jour, his cheese order is prepared, wrapped and preserved in the cool shelves of the display fridge.

Stephane cannot resist broadening our customer’s cheese repertoire beyond the safe and ever popular brie, by bringing across a slither of something new.

“Wow, what’s that?” they exclaim, genuinely surprised that their taste-buds could possibly enjoy a cheese with a luminous orange rind.

“Livarot” he proudly announces “good isn’t it?”

And he then launches into its origins, the manufacturing process of a washed rind cheese, not forgetting instructions on how it should be cut and eaten.

When lunch is over, still seated, relaxing and digesting, the customer pays his bill, which includes his brie, rillettes (and of course the Livarot). Stephane hands back the credit card along with a French Living bag of lovingly cut and wrapped cheese.

I have a feeling this could catch on, particularly when our deli corner dresser is transformed into an Alladin’s cave of Christmas gift ideas from the Brocante’s of Paris to the kitchens of Corsica. Dining and shopping at French Living is like walking the markets of France, full of aroma, tempting and real. In a world of internet shopping, express check-out machines and impersonal superstores, we all need some real human contact. Shopping should be a pleasure, like dining, sharing each others company, so blend them all together into a wonderful French Living experience. Be inspired and take a look at our French Markets board on Pinterest. http://uk.pinterest.com/louiseluiggi/french-markets/

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