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The Fig is Back!

Our lazy Corsican summer is over for another year.

“Not so lazy” I hear Stephane cry. Eager to please and satisfy our customer’s appetite for his Corsican home-made fig relish, he has had to work doubly hard this year on gathering enough figs and then transforming them into our iconic fig jam.

This mountain of jars is an exquisite reminder of holiday, of family, of hot sun ripening the delicious fruit (although the excessive wind this year coursing through the island’s maquis delayed the ripening of the fig crop).

More set-backs to our fig jam production came with the news that Stephane’s Uncle had incurred a serious back injury and would be unable to bring in the figs (a job he undertakes every year, but since the popularity of Corsican fig jam expanded in Nottingham he has taken great pride in increasing the crop)

Extra help was recruited and the figs began to reach our small kitchen where the family alchemy began.

A true Corsican enjoys matching fresh figs, or fig chutney with one of their extra-mature, ultra -pungent mountain cheeses. It’s a stunning partnership that many of our customers have discovered thanks to French Living’s infamous Discovery Evenings, or due to being tempted by one of our fait maison jars and a ripe goats cheese from our

deli counter.

Come and be tempted. The fig is back!


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