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Team Building

There are two clear teams in a restaurant – kitchen and service – but customers only ever get to see one in action. However, one cannot perform without the other – it is essential everyone gets on, communicates well, and stays calm and focused.

Annabelle and Gaelle, two of our fantastic service team, thought it would be a good idea to put to the test these team-work skills and so they organised a trip to the Peak District in Dovedale. A number of physically demanding (well they were for me!) challenges were set, along the beautiful trek, creating competitive spirit between our teams – kitchen versus service. Who would end the day as champions of team-work?

Unfortunately for the kitchen team, they had to accept me on their team to make up the numbers.

Setting off towards the mountains!

The first challenge involved reaching the top of a very steep mountain (ok, so maybe it was a hill), but it was extremely high and the sun was shining strongly upon us. The task was made more difficult by having one of the team blind-folded! Kitchen got off to a slow start with kitchen porter, Arnold, struggling to adapt to having no vision. However, as his confidence grew and he began to believe in our instructions, they raced to the top. Unfortunately, team kitchen didn’t realise they had another weak member who was gasping for breath and struggling to lift her legs! In spite of trying to drag me up the last stage of the mountain, our team had become separated and we couldn’t finish together, so maximum points were awarded to team service. After some heated negotiation it was decided to give team kitchen some points for having reached the top first with their blind-folded team member.

Challenge two involved crossing the icy cold river.

Arnold trying to swim!

It was such a hot day, no one seemed to mind taking shoes and socks off and negotiating the pebbly river bed to get to the other side. Although team kitchen had more volunteers. It was declared that extra points would be awarded for dipping the entire body, up to shoulders in the freezing water. Chef Jeremy surprised everyone by doing just that!! Team kitchen moved into a massive lead.

Brice and Guillaume – intrepid explorers

I am happy to report that I redeemed myself in the wheelbarrow race, winning my part of the relay. Arnold and Brice, however, collapsed just short of the winning line, allowing team service to take a win.

An interesting ball game, involving trying to hit the opposition and put them in prison – a game of throwing and catching skill – so surely our sporty, footballing kitchen team would claim this one! It was not to be, team service notched up another win.

Team kitchen, however, confirmed their lead at the very end of the trek by plunging into the ice cold river for a swim!

Team service seemed happy to sit and watch with a well deserved ice cream.

Annabelle in search of zen..

A massive thank you to Gaelle and Annabelle for organising this amazing day out. It brought us all closer together and certainly helped us learn lots about ourselves and others.

Also, thank you Jeremy for putting together our gastronomic picnic lunch.We would not expect anything else from our incredible French Living chef!!

Brice –  a kitchen team member
Guillaume, Brice and Gaelle – a well deserved rest!

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