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Back Home!

We are back home, everyone together again, ensconced cosily at 27 King Street, once more a restaurant, cafe, and boutique.

I can’t believe we turned around this removal and renovation in just two days! Big special thank you’s go to Rob – as a regular cafe-creperie customer who kindly volunteered to help Stephane and I on Sunday, we owe him a few petit cremes. Also to eager, enthusiastic Guillaume, who is more than just a French Living waiter, he too gave up his Sunday to help us magically transform French Living in record time. A massive thank you to our genius chef Jeremy for the extra hours, the heart-felt commitment to the French Living cause. You are a shining star. Thank you also to chef Brice and waiter Guillaume 2 (yes we have two Guillaumes working for us at the moment), who just so happened to be walking down King Street when we needed more pairs of hands to shift an enormous fridge down a narrow staircase. Thank you boys!


I thought about taking before and after photos, but when the moment of destruction came, a flicker of panic swept through me, and I moved into over-drive to rectify the damage. At that instant, it didn’t seem appropriate to lay down tools and dreamily take photos. And so, here are a few “after” shots:





















My photos really don’t do justice to the newly created corners – coin epicerie/deli corner – and particularly the culture corner downstairs.




















For the magnificent mirror down there, I am lovingly grateful to my beautiful yoga teacher Katherine who kindly agreed to part with it.


Katherine’s mirror in Culture Corner


Our wall of French Icons


Come visit and experience authentic French Living. We are open from 10.30 Tuesday to Friday, and from 9.30 on Saturday, for coffee, breakfast, or treat yourself to a flute of champagne and a delicious smoked salmon galette. It’s time to celebrate!


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