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What’s in a Name?

“Strange name for a restaurant” is a frequent comment, and then there are those observers who believe our name should be French in order to reinforce our credibility.

I love the name French Living – it’s the one discreet acknowledgement to my English presence within our French family business. It’s a French business operating in England, which is why we communicate our mission in English so the maximum number of customers will understand what we do.


Back in 1994, our mission was to sell the French way of life, in the form of a French shop, selling everything to do with food from France, from cookware and tableware, to  cheese, wine and charcuterie. And so the name French Living was a perfect fit.


The restaurant came along two years later, down in the basement, but the name did not alter. It had no reason to change. Our business became a shop, restaurant and cafe, but the mission always remained the same – selling, educating, promoting the French way of life through food.


It’s true that we don’t sound like most French restaurants in England who frequently opt for a cliche to communicate their Frenchness – L’Escargot, Petit Paris, La Petite Auberge, Ratatouille – but that is because we are not like any other French restaurant in the UK. We have always delivered more than just a delicious cassoulet, and now that uniqueness will be reinforced in the next few weeks as we bring the cafe creperie,  epicerie dresser, cheese and wine, back under one roof at 27 King Street, back to selling the complete concept of French living.


Look out for the colourful transformations over the next few weeks….



Have you spotted our new toile du soleillogo?




Some new iconic additions have already been introduced….




How many of these French faces can you name?


There’s one name, however, you will always be able to pronounce and remember, and that is French Living. Don’t expect any modifications to this essential element of our much-loved business.


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