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A Mediterranean Revamp

The sun is shining at French Living! 

Here are a few clues to the new, fresh decor of our restaurant……

Provencal Sunflowers
Bold yellow Corsican ferry
Warm tones of Provence

Corsica is an integral part of French Living – it’s Stephane’s island – and the reason behind launching our business was to bring a taste of Stephane’s homeland to Nottingham.

And so, colour number one, and the one I adore the most – so much so, I changed my decorating plans and covered more walls than originally intended with this rich, sunshine colour:

Farrow and Ball India Yellow

Clear blue Corsican sea
Blue Provencal shutters

Sharp, blue summer skies. Bright, bold and colourful landscapes is the  inspiration behind colour number two:

Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue

I am not posting photos yet – still need to finish the intricate wine display but hopefully you will be seduced by these sunshine colours to pop in and take a look.

No need to wait for summer to arrive, French Living has brought it to you!

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