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Celebrity Corner

Add to Technorati Favorites“Guess who I served at lunch-time today?” 

Stephane was smirking teasingly as he pestered me for a response. A few weeks ago all our French members of staff had become star-struck by the visit of some very famous French actors.
“Christain Clavier and Michel Blanc” they all squealed excitedly.“Who?” I asked, decidedly un-impressed
clavier blanc

Christian Clavier Michel Blanc

I am not very au fait with French cinematic celebrities, so the buzz surrounding M.Clavier and M.Blanc was unfortunately lost on me (they are known for starring in the popular comedy film Les Bronzés Font du Ski)
And so, as he probed me again for a reply, I was convinced Stephane was attempting to highlight my ignorance of Gallic celebrity stars.
“Gerard Depardieu?” I retorted sarcastically.
“My Mum?”
“Stephen Tompkinson” he pronounced proudly
I still looked puzzled. Do I know this man?
“Travanion – Wild at Heart” Stephane explained.

Travanion (Stephen Tompkinson)

I went wild. The kids and I loved this easy viewing, feel-good Sunday evening show which explains why I was suddenly transformed into an excitable teenager at the mere thought of Travanion dining in my restaurant.

Stephen Tompkinson is filming in Nottingham over ten weeks a new drama called Truckers for BBC1. This is why I have decided to start painting the restaurant so I will be on site over the next ten days in the hope that Stephen will keep to his promise and return to French Living!

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