French Living – Nottingham

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A family owned brasserie in a French provincial town…Nottingham!  Since 1994, this delicious Gallic haven, presided by charismatic Corsican Stephane Luiggi, has created a tiny piece of France in the centre of Nottingham. Today it’s a thriving, bustling  restaurant  on two floors, with a ground floor dining area for up to 40 customers boasting a unique Deli Corner, offering farmhouse unpasteurised cheese, organic wines from small growers, French grocery essentials, as well as some rare brocante finds. A large red-bricked basement room, for up to 44 diners, is reminiscent of Toulousain restaurants, La Ville Rose, where Stephane met his Nottingham-born wife Louise.

The dishes and menus are typical of a French bistro; simple, classic recipes, all home-made from fresh ingredients. Stephane and Louise aim to serve meals that make the French  feel at home, and the British remember their holidays. Authenticity, combined with a desire to share French culture, to pass on knowledge, from translations to the hidden gems of Corsica, makes French Living a truely unique, warm and memorable experience.

In 2017 our building “The Elite” celebrates 90 years of existence with a face lift and treatment of its -at the time- revolutionary steel frame. The scaffolding all around is scheduled to be in place until the Autumn. So here’s what we will look like for the duration of the works. Note the tricolore… Cool isn’t it? 

After being told it was going in June 2017, then September 2017, then November 2017, the scaffold is finally scheduled to be removed in March 2018…after 14 months!!!!

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41 comments on “French Living – Nottingham

  1. Hi. I see from a review you have Soiree Decouverte on occasion. We have been for lunch and always found it most enjoyable. So we would like to join you on one of these special evenings. Can you provide any dates of forthcoming events. Many thanks

    • Hi, the next Discovery Evenings will be on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 May 2018. The menus will be published a few weeks before the event. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be alerted of all new publications on this website. Thank you for your interest, see you very soon

  2. Hi. I called on Saturday and left a message to reserve a table for two at 5:30 on Thursday 30th November.
    Could you please confirm my booking request.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi is it possible to book a table for 6 please on 26th September at 6pm. It’s my mums 88th birthday so the table would need to be on the ground floor not the room down the staircase, many thanks Reggie

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