French Living – Nottingham

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A family owned brasserie in a French provincial town…Nottingham!  Since 1994, this delicious Gallic haven, presided by charismatic Corsican Stephane Luiggi, has created a tiny piece of France in the centre of Nottingham. Today it’s a thriving, bustling  restaurant  on two floors, with a ground floor dining area for up to 40 customers boasting a unique Deli Corner, offering farmhouse unpasteurised cheese, wines from small growers, French grocery essentials, as well as some rare brocante finds. A large red-bricked basement room, for up to 44 diners, is reminiscent of Toulousain restaurants, La Ville Rose, where Stephane met his Nottingham-born wife Louise.

The dishes and menus are typical of a French bistro; simple, classic recipes, all home-made from fresh ingredients. Stephane and Louise aim to serve meals that make the French  feel at home, and the British remember their holidays. Authenticity, combined with a desire to share French culture, to pass on knowledge, from translations to the hidden gems of Corsica, makes French Living a truely unique, warm and memorable experience.



Rue du Roi!


French Living - a family business promoting family dining.

French Living – a family business promoting family dining.

8 comments on “French Living – Nottingham

  1. Been meaning to write to say I enjoyed meeting you and dining there around five weeks ago. I did promise to return when I was next in Nottingham but I’ve decided not to work with the Nottingham company after all and I’m back with my previous company in Bristol. For purposes of identification, I’m the guy who knows Escargot Bleu in Broughton Street Edinburgh. I enjoyed my meal – especially the smoked duck starter – and I’ve written an honest and I hope encouraging review on TripAdviser. Hope all goes well for you! If ever I’m back in Nottingham etc… À tout à l’heure…! Ian

  2. Yet another fabulous evening at my favourite Nottingham eatery. An evening out pre-concert would not be the same. Merci Bien Francois, pardon nous depart avant notre merci a vous……….x

    • Thank you for your message. Running this business would not be the same without such kind words of appreciation. See you soon.

  3. We are always greeted, with a warm friendly smile. Your service is always helpful and efficient. We really enjoy your food. It is always a pleasure to visit your restaurant.

  4. Ate here on Saturday evening – what a find! Fantastic food, great service and lovely atmosphere. Can highly recommend.

  5. We arrived in Nottingham for a concert, hungry and not knowing the City at all. Wandering around the streets in search of sustenance and faced with the usual franchised mediocrity, we were beginning to resign ourselves to an over priced plate of processed, pre-cooked and heated up grease, when, Monty Python like, The French Living Bistro appeared, backlit like the Holy Grail itself. As a pair of moths, drawn to the
    flame, we entered this wonderous haven of culinary delight.
    My partner and I both enjoyed the Onglet a l’Echalote, (a perfectly cooked piece of braised steak with the most beautiful sauce and oven roasted vegetables) with a carafe of the house rouge which very nicely complimented our choice.

    The food, staff, atmosphere, and authenticity of this “Little piece of France”, were all truly excellent and only the fact that we would have been late for our concert, prevented us from tasting the tarte au citron (which the ladies on the neighbouring table were enjoying so much). We reluctantly left a lot sooner than we would have liked, but we would just like to say that we enjoyed a wonderful meal and experience.

    The best compliment I can give is that I would glady, travel the 2 hours it took to get to Nottingham from Cheshire to experience French Living again.

    Many Thanks, we look forward to seeing you again.

    D & W

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am relieved the analogy is Monty Python and not Fawlty Towers!! I hope you will cross the Pennines again soon.

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